Data Solutions

Intelligent Data Networks.

In today’s Data Network world, what are the major questions that CIO’s and IT managers alike are asking themselves when it comes to designing a new Data Network:

  • Budget. No matter how many IT Managers deny it, cost is a major consideration.
  • Reliability. IT Managers today are very busy people. They need to know that the Data Network is going to work without interruption.
  • Visibility. IT Managers need visibility of their Data Network from the Core to the last mile. They need to know what is going on if and when something goes wrong.
  • Control. The ability to effect change when change is needed.
  • Accessibility.  The ability to allow all your users onto the network without security risks, clogging up the Data networks bandwidth and incurring extra costs.
  • Security. Making sure that your Data network is secure from external harmful elements.
  • Quick Response for faults.  Need to be assured that you’re kept in the loop when a fault occurs until resolution.
  • Pro-active resolution. Would like the provider to be working on any fault as and when they occur and fixed them pro-actively without you needing to be involved but being updated of progress.

Have you ever felt that you need to take back control of your Data network from the carriers because MAC’s have been increasing in cost and you don’t see the value anymore? Then, we need to talk.

Questions that might need asking:

  • If you are thinking of centralising your network in a data centre and are worried that the end users will not have the same experience.
  • If you are having problems with the applications that you have set up on the Data network to do business but these applications are being bypassed because the network is too slow.
  • If you don’t have the visibility and control that you were promised by your carrier.
  • If you want a cost effective way to allow your employees to have access to the corporate network securely at a reasonable cost.
  • If the budget has been cut on the IT Network but you still need to flow the same requirements on less.
  • If you’re looking for a mobility solution that will be part of your secure Data Network.
  • If you want to run your own network, using different access tails to suit your business needs (including ADSL links) and still have visibility and control.

If anything that I have stated above resonates with your situation, why don’t  we catch up to have a chat about your individual circumstances and maybe we can help.