About Us

Axiom Telecom

Founded in 2011, Axiom Telecom is an Australian owned customer service company that provides telecommunications products and services to business. We pride ourselves on the theory that when speaking to our customers and prospects about their needs, Axiom Telecom representatives have two ears and one mouth and they should be used accordingly to evaluate the best solution for the client. We know that all Australian service providers can offer the various technologies such as Voice, Data, Mobiles and Cloud Services to business but after many years in Telecommunications industry, Axiom Telecom is building their reputation around the promise of ” Knowledgeable and Accountable Customer Service Professionals” that deliver on their promises.

 Exceptional customer service

Axiom Telecom prides itself on providing the best customer services whilst evaluating the most appropriate solution fit and value for money to our customers. Taking a vendor-neutral approach to technology, we focus on delivering value to clients and charging based on the value we offer, not on our direct costs. We take a professional approach to dealing with each and every client and we ensure that our systems and processes are functional, transparent and of the highest quality so that the customers feel that they have a trusted adviser rather than just a service provider of telecommunications.

Consultation is the key to better communications.

Consultation is the key to better communications.

 Stable, Inventive network provider.

Our resilient telecommunications network and managed IT services capabilities ensure clients have reliable access to their business-critical data and applications. Axiom Telecom provides cost-effective, managed wide-area network (WAN) services over internet protocol virtual private network (IPVPN) connections. We try to think outside the box when designing your network because we know that no two customer’s networks are the same.

Our Solution Partner network can deliver all of your IT&T needs through a single point of contact and a single bill. Together, we offer the full range of managed IT&T services including:

* Data (IPVPN and Internet)
* Voice (Traditional and Unified Communication)
* Mobiles and mobile data.

Our multi- vendor business model helps reduce your risk of choosing the wrong supplier. This “supplier diversity” not only offers you greater choice, it creates price stability and helps mitigate any risk of vendor “lock in”.

After more than 10 years in the communications business we clearly understand that business applications are only as good as the weakest link in the IT&T delivery chain; and there can be many unforeseen inter-dependencies when it comes to technology.

Things do go wrong, and, unless you can afford to duplicate your entire IT infrastructure, the next best thing is to be sure to minimize the business impact of any disruption. Nobody wants to waste valuable time figuring out who has responsibility for what when a problem occurs. Instead, we immediately start working with your Solution Partner/IT department to diagnose and solve the problem.

All of our products and services are available on a single bill emailed monthly in PDF or Excel format (hard copy option available). Our web-based customer self-care interface provides full bill and usage history of all voice, data, mobiles and hardware services.

Our performance reporting systems provide you with regular updates on how well your services are coping with demand. This can help you identify in advance where future bottlenecks may occur instead of waiting for the users to complain.