Voice Services


Axiom Telecom understands the importance for business to be connected to their customers to do business whether it is through the voice network or mobile telephony. But we have realised through many years of experience that when you mix up the technologies that are available in today’s technology savvy world, it can really reduce the cost of doing business. This is why Axiom Telecom have strived to deploy whatever voice technology is the best fit for the customers budget without losing out on any quality in the end product to the customer. It’s being smart with technology and savvy on costs so that we establish a win win result.

Hosted PBX/Unified Communications

Now that your company has implement a Nationwide Data Network or any form of Data Netowork, why as a company are you still getting charged for the PSTN or ISDN services for your voice services. Why haven’t you moved these services onto your Data Network with the introduction of SIP services and a hosted PBX Solution. This will allow you to eliminate the voice service and equipment costs and the on-site PBX maintenance annual charges and use the cloud services to save money for your company.

SIP Voice Services

SIP Voice Services is our highly flexible and scalable network-based voice trunk solution. Addressing the challenges and needs of more complex or larger organisations, this offers you a highly capable and cost-effective evolution from traditional legacy services. Capable of being readily integrated into IP PABX’s and many existing PABX and key telephone systems,  Enterprise can be ordered with 5, 10, 20 or 30 concurrent calls and 1, 10 or 100 Direct-In-Dial number options.

Traditional Voice Services

Our partnerships with  leading telecommunications carriers means we can offer businesses a comprehensive range of fixed-line ISDN and PSTN services. We’ll customise a competitively priced fixed-line package based on a client’s exact needs.